Virtual Meeting Ideas

Using Tools like ZOOM, Google Meet, MS Teams, and others, you can host your virtual meeting, when in person meetings are not an option.

Scouts Canada has a page about Scouting at Home.  LINK TO IT

These are some meeting ideas 1st Stouffville Scouts have done, or links to activities:

Scouts Canada Resources

Online and in-person outlines

Scouts Canada Activity Finder - Virtual

Activities for all ages, sorted into categories

Can/Candle Cub/Scout Activity

Craft for making a cool candle lantern

Scientific Beavers

Switch back and forth between the experiments to ensure you use your time wisely and make observations as you go.

Cubs Virtual Games Night

Lots of great games here:

> Scavenger Hunt > Mystery Item

> Detective > Dance Freeze

> Memory > 5 Second Game

> > Simon Says

A free account is required for this site, but pretty cool and not as easy as it looks.

Cup 'o' Cake

Both Beavers and Scouts have 'baked' a little cake in during our meetings.  Here is a slideshow-sharing-friendly version to do your own.

Cup 'o' Cookie

Another simple microwave cooking endeavour. 

Cup 'o' Mac & Cheese (Cubs)

Microwave Main course cooking. 

Bannock Recipe

Easy stove top recipe.  Yum!

Extreme Zoom

Picture identification of scouting items (request permission to view please)

No Trace Camping

Group discussion, with many links to Canadian resources.

Hubble & James Web Space Telescopes

A short presentation we did on the anniversary of the Hubble's Launch + JWST details.

Household Scavenger Hunts 

They were very popular with all ages (thanks to my niece for the idea).  There are so many ideas.  This is a link to Google search to find as many as you want.

Kahoot Scouts Trivia Game

Made by pulling questions from many scouting sources.

Urban Orienteering

Many Scouts are in the city.  So while compasses and bearings are cool and interesting, being able to take transit to your destination is just as useful & relevant!

Without using Google or Bing Maps, find you way to a sports venue from your house.  Or get to Parliament Hill, Ottawa for Canada Day Celebrations! Via, GO transit, city transits..  


Other groups have had great success with this idea.

Online Escape rooms

We participated in several Online, and in many cases, home-made escape rooms.  Here's some links:

[I've been in contact with other online Escape room businesses that have Scout-rates.  I haven't tried any, but know they are out there, and the ones I've been in contact with have been very responsive.]

Smithsonian Museum Scavenger Hunt

Full list & Answers  Easy list   Harder list

Rube Goldberg Machines

All Ages

Build the most complicated way of doing something simple... Like get a ball into a pot (the 'basket').

Online Games

A fun way the kids get to play from home, while interacting with their friends. 

Online Voting Ideas For Youth Leaders

Article about online youth elections