Canadian Path


Scouting is not just about badges, but it is about the Path and the Scouting journey. Scouts Canada has laid out the  program to help guide the Sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts). The maps shows the sections. The youth choose their journey. 

The each map can be purchased at the Scout shop or can be downloaded and printed. 

"Trail cards" are becoming more available as the program matures. These can be events to partake in, or things to, or simple reflection. Here is a link to the website and the trail cards that we can follow 

For badges, and our new program, Scouts has two major badge sections - Outdoor Adventure Skill (OAS), and Personal Achievement badges. 


Outdoor Adventure Skills

For the OAS badges, youth progress through the levels from Beavers, to Cubs, to Scouts, to Venturers. Our estimations for the youth is Level 1 and 2 for Beavers, Level 2 to 3 for Cubs, and 3-5 for Scouts.  But please proof us wrong and overachieve!!

As mentioned above, the Scouts Tracker can be used to help keep track of the youth's skills.

Personal Achievement Badges

These badges are ones that the youth discuss requirements with the Scouters, decide on criteria of their own, and once the Scout shows the leader they've completed the requirements, they earn their badge! 

Trail Cards are being devised as suggestions for badges. They will be posted when found, but remember, the PABs are just that - personal. Be creative!