Scouts Recommended Family Camp list

Our Scouts have created a recommended Family Camping kit list for people who have never been camping!
  • Some of the list are the basics like a tent and sleeping bag, but how big should your tent be for your family? Do you want a sleeping mattress?  We have 12 expert campers helping you out.
  • Lastly, the "Reusable" column is there so that you know if you invest in equipment, you can enjoy camps for years to come with the same equipment.  Subsequent camps will be much cheaper.
Equipmentneeded forUseful informationReusable?store locations or at home
potcookingshould bring an old pot, not the pot you use every day in the kitchen, since it will likely get dirty, sooty, maybe burned.Y@ home or part of a camp cooking bundle at Canadian Tire
pancookingshould bring an old pan, not the pan you use every day in the kitchen, since it will likely get dirty, sooty, maybe burned.y@ home or part of a camp cooking bundle at Canadian Tire
Camp stovecooking1 or 2 burner, depending the group size. Propane stove is easiest usually.yCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
stove fuelfor running the stove (maybe a lantern)amount of fuel is dependent on the size. about one canister per day. little green cans are NOT recyclable. Find a drop off at the camp.nCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
cutlerybring what's appropriate for your foody@ home
paper plates or reusable plateswatch for fire bans to help with decision..y
dish soapcan be used for personal hyenine as well as dishes.n@ home
matcheseverythinguse responsibly, bring more than you think you neednmany locations
firewoodcooking, marshmallows,check with regulations.. may need to buy firewood on site. watch for firebans at camp sitesncamp ground sell, sometimes even deliver!
camp chairgood for hanging out around the fire.yCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
sleeping bagstaying warm, sleepingbuy for desired temperatures, 5c rated bag is good for summeryCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
mattressfor staying comfortableinflatable air mattress is comfortable. 4-5 cm (2"). one person wideyCanadian Tire, Costco, Sail
tentsleeping, hanging out, staying drycomfort dictates if a tent says for 5 people, it's more comfortable for 4 (ie one less than rated..)yCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
lanternnot always needed, but useful for evening lightsmay not be needed. save energy or fuel by dimming or not using when you can still seeyCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
flashlights (headlights)useful for the tentdon't forget extra batteriesyCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
tarprain... it's not always sunny at camp.use for sun shelter too - and keeping things and people dryyCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
watergood to check the campsite for boil-water advisory. maybe need to bring water from homen@ home
water filterso you don't have to bring water from home. may not be needed - most camps do not have water issuesnCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
foodhealthy, and able to stay fresh.choose food that have minimal dishes, and keeps well. simple foods always taste better at camp!n
maple syrupneed to put something on the marshmallows! (and pancakes)
marshmallowswhat's camp without a fire and roasted marshmallowsn
appropriate clothingDon't forget jackets and long pants to fend off bugs!y
towelcan be used a blanket overnight if you get coldy
binocularsspend time and enjoy naturey
cards & gamesgreat to spend time, especially if it's rainingydollar store, walmart, Canadian Tire
bookgreat to spend time, especially if it's rainingy
bug repellantbe aware of ticks and mosquitoes. use bugspray and get out and enjoy!nCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
sunscreenndrug stores, Canadian Tire, Walmart
1st aid kitextra bandaids are always usefulydrug stores, Canadian Tire, Walmart
access to emergency phoneProvincial & National parks will have phones at their offices for emergency use
knapsackpacking clothes and things innot necessarily needed, duffle bag works too, and doesn't take up much room in the tentyCanadian Tire, Sail, Walmart
friendsCamping is always better with friends!
common senseyou gain it by asking questions, and through experience. Your first camp will be fun as you are learning. Your NEXT camps will be better than the last!