Canadian Path - Scouts Specific

Scouts is not just about badges, but it is about the Path and the Scouting journey. Scouts has laid out the new program to help guide the troops. The Scout map shows the sections. The Scouts choose their journey. 
The Scout map can be purchased at the Scout shop or can be downloaded and printed. 

"Trail cards" are becoming more available as the program matures. These can be events to partake in, or things to, or simple reflection. Here is a link to the website and the trail cards that we can follow 
  • Trail cards [LINK
For badges, and our new program, Scouts has two major badge sections - Outdoor Adventure Skill (OAS), and Personal Achievement badges. 

Outdoor Adventure Skills
For the OAS we've figured our Scouts can achieve at least between levels 3 and 5, depending on our activities.  For most of the Scouts, we attained the Camping Level 3, but many could fairly easily attain Level 4 or higher.  As mentioned above, the Scouts Tracker can be used to help keep track of the youth's skills.

Below are some of the resources Scouts Canada has provided:
  • Aquatics [LINK]
    • Swimming Lesson conversion chart [LINK]
  • Camping [LINK]
    • Parks Canada Free Passes for 2017 [LINK]
  • Emergency [LINK]
  • Paddling [LINK]
    • Paddling Strokes [LINK]
    • How to size a Canoe paddle [LINK]
    • How to size a Kayak paddle [LINK]
  • Sailing [LINK]
  • Scoutcraft [LINK]
  • Trail [LINK]
  • Vertical [LINK]
  • Winter Skills [LINK]

Personal Achievement Badges
Official details and some resources [LINK]

Click here to make a make a PAB submission for a Badge HERE

These badges are ones that the Scouts discuss requirements with the Scouters, decide on criteria of their own, and once the Scout shows the leader they've completed the requirements, they earn their badge! 
Trail Cards are being devised as suggestions for badges. They will be posted when found, but remember, the PABs are just that - personal. Be creative! 
  • The Scouts Map [LINK](page 2) shows the different sections best. 

Here is a breakdown of the badge sections, and links to suggestions for achievement:
  • Earth : Anything connecting with our planet’s soil and geology including exploration, environment, leisure pursuits, experiments, etc.
  • Air: anything connecting with the atmosphere including exploration, environment, leisure pursuits, experiments, etc.
  • Water: anything connecting with water including exploration, environment, leisure pursuits, experiments, etc.Space: anything connecting with outer space including exploration, leisure pursuits, experiments, etc.
  • Summer Fitness: anything related to active and healthy fitness and the summer season
  • Winter Fitness: anything related to active and healthy fitness and the winter season
  • Year-round Fitness: anything related to active and healthy fitness that can be pursued year-round
  • Home: exploring what it means to be a contributing member in a household
  • Community: exploring what it means to be an active, contributing member of one’s neighbourhood and municipality
  • Canada: exploring what it means to be a citizen who makes positives contributions to the country
  • World: exploring what it means to be a contributing global citizen
  • Technology: exploring how to use digital technology effectively and responsibly
  • Arts: exploring one’s own creative expression and the creative output of others
  • Engineering: conceiving, planning and constructing functional items in a calculated hands-on way
  • Hobby: an opportunity to develop one specific interest or to explore new interests
  • Science: learning and experimenting critically and empirically
  • Space: explore environment, nature, research and/or leisure pursuits as they relate to space.