Meeting Resources

Scouts Canada Programme Resources - Trailcards and activities for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts+
Jumpstarts   - historical copies of Scouts Canada resources provided to help plan meetings.
The Dump     - a series of compiled resources for Scouting of all ages.
 - including references for BeaversCubsScouts, and Games as well!
Boy Scouts of America pages (USA Scouting content) - includes meeting and games activities, mostly aimed at Scout aged Youth.
Scoutorama   - Many resources, including Skits, and Songs
 - Click on the Menu button on the website for Categories
BoyScoutTrail - Skits and more
Virtual Meeting Ideas - 1st Stouffville Scouting Ideas when Face to Face is not an option.
South Lake Simcoe Area Leaders Resources - Lots of great Ideas for meetings and activities
Retired Scouter- meeting and activity Ideas for all sections, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Games, Songs and beyond
Creating an In-person Escape room - A fun idea for Groups to create their own escape room, including needs for locks and other paraphernalia.  Perhaps create a room for a younger section to solve?
ScoutSafe App  - For submitting Incident reports